All Change

I cannot believe more then a year as passed, without mention on these pages of a significant change in the landscape of monkvalley.

New rules have come into force in France, where all household have to have their fosse septic inspected, and where necessary new equipment brought in. Although our fosse was safe hygienically, to comply we had to modernize and install a new fosse with the addition of a filter bed.



It was how this was achieved that changed the face of monkvalley.
In order to gain access with his industrial sized earth movers, the builder enlarged an already existing tunnel into a wide broad highway.

It started one day in January, The diggers moved in, and in two days, had swept aside years of rockfalls, overgrown tress, shrubs, and garden cuttings we had cheerfully “chucked” over the wall.
It was a revelation.

A veritable treasure trove. There it was. A Troglodyte village. Caves.




We suspect the caves had been used at some point for dwellings. All have doors, windows, and one where we think animals were kept: a manger. Over one doorway is a date carved , 1861.Unfortunately no official records appear to exist to help with the history.
We now have an beautiful outside eating area, A place to entertain, a place to party!   
In addition one of the large caves comes complete with a a fireplace. We spent last summer cleaaring and preparing it to provide an extra room for entertaining. A shady spot, to wine and dine friends.

……..oh, and yes we do now have a new fosse and a filter bed.

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