The (or perhaps the original) definition of diet is “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.”.

Today the word “diet” is synonymous with losing weight rather than eating healthily, and eating for pleasure.

I accept that it is necessary to eat healthily and maintain a good weight. Over the years I have always enjoyed my food, experimenting with new tastes, sometimes to excess. I need to stop. I find myself in the situation that “something must be done”.

The idea of a strict extreme diet fills me with horror. To continue to enjoy my food and at the same time control my weight seems to me a far more pleasant a way to reduce the kgs and pressure on my ageing knees.

Sheila and I have followed several weight reducing regimes over the years. Some successful – when followed with conviction! – some just down right boring and to be honest not a healthy option.

Recently we have invested in several books that we hoped would give us inspiration by providing a good selection of recipes and still allow us to lose weight . Tasty,easy to prepare, healthy and most important enjoyable.

The selection we have are :-

The Hairy Dieters 1 : How to Love Food and Lose Weight

The Hairy Dieters 2 : Eat For Life

Fast Days and Feast Days by Elly Curshen

Spice Yourself Slim by Kalpna Woolf

All titles that reflect my philosophy of food.

We are not boringly strict, alcohol still figures quite a bit in our daily “sustenance”!

The 5/2 diet (Fast and Feast ) never appealed: this is where you eat approx 500 calories for 2 days and whatever you want, within reason, on the remaining 5.

Reading Dr Michael Mosley book we have revisited this idea and actually we are discovering it’s a relatively easy, healthy option.

The most important aspect is the variety of food. To be able to prepare “skinny” meals and enjoy them, not just sitting down to a plate of one slice of lean ham, half a tin of baked beans and a poached egg – but rather something like Italian Baked Eggs, (see recipe)in the book Fast and Feast, or the Prawn Korma from Hairy Dieters 2 (see recipe)

Other recipes from this book are not specifically for strict diets, but encourage healthy enjoyable eating.

Of course there are days when you have a good steak and frites, delicious roast chicken with crispy skin, huge bowl of pasta with sauce etc. (not all on the same day of course!). 

Following this “regime” we find its no longer a chore to “diet”.

Alcohol consumption? That’s a personal decision …..Cheers me dears!!


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