International Pork Day. 2017

Its here again Pork Day.

We love pork

Simon and Caitlin are also big fans, and, together we designated: 27th May 

Each year we celebrate by preparing different and new recipes. See our Pork section for recipes.

Sharing pictures of our meals via E mail. Maybe one day we can share the day on Skype.

This year is the 8th Year we have celebrated Pork in its many guises

This year our pork of choice is a double whammy:

Caramalised endives in Seranno Ham. see recipe

Mexican Slow cooked Pork cheeks with chipotle. see recipe

Why not join us for a weekend pork feast this weekend May 27th and 28th

All you really need then is a nice bottle of Loire wine, where better to start then at letasting room


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