PORK Oink! Oink!

Pork is a favourite meat of ours, in all it’s many guises.

Simon and Caitlin are also big fans, and, together we designated: 27th May International Pork Day.

Each year we celebrate by preparing different and new recipes

Sharing pictures of our meals via E mail. Maybe one we can share the day on Skype.

2014 will be the 5th occasion we have done this, and, we feel duty bound to spread the word about this celebration. We will remind you nearer the time.

So its three cheers for the good old pig!

Like many meats the cheaper cuts have much more flavour, than the more expensive ones.

For us belly pork (poitrine in France) has the edge at the moment. We enjoy James Martins Slow roast Belly Pork, cooked over boulangère potatoes. It is finished off under the grill at the end of cooking, resulting in fabulous crackling.

See Belly Pork Recipe

A wonderful memory of a dish cooked by Simon during our last visit to Australia, was long slow cooked pork belly served with a spicy coriander relish. During the same Australian holiday Russell cooked amazing pork for Christmas dinner, instead of the tired old Turkey …………………….

This week, for Sunday dinner we tried a new recipe, taken from Daniel Galmiche’s book French Brasserie, a gift from Russell and Vanessa.

This was “Poitrine de porc confit aux pommes” (pork belly confit with apples) served with Braised Cabbage and Fondant Potatoes with Confit of Garlic. The pork is marinated overnight in cider, carrot, onion, cinnamon, star anise and herbs. Then cooked for 4 hours and resulting in a wonderfully tasty and soft pork.

A further gift from Russell and Vanessa was Jane Grigson’s “Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery”. An excellent book that really does celebrate pork. 

One of Sheila’s favourite dishes, if not the favourite!, is sausage and mash with onion gravy. I don’t like sausage that has a high proportion of cereal. The texture is too like cardboard for my liking so at least 85% meat is important.

A great pasta dish to feed a hungry horde is a Slow Cooked Sausage pasta dish – a recipe we have lifted from the River Cafe Book, this is a great favourite of ours.

Check out recipe

French sausages can be very good, but like Sheila says these can be a little too garlicky for a breakfast!




  • Susan Oakley says:

    IAs a lot of people know I am not a great meat eater, but John and Sheila have cooked the slow belly pork for David and I a couple of times and I must admit it is delicious.

  • Caitlin says:

    Hooray for international pork day!
    The most delicious day of the year xxx

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