Where Do I begin

Where do I start with this Blog?

From the moment we moved to France?

When I first became interested in food?

To begin with I accept that this is nothing unique, there are quite a few Blogs with similar names. But this doesn’t bother me.

Over the years I have played at keeping a daily diary, like Sheila. But my resolve is not all that strong and those scribblings soon dried up.

This media appeals to me because not only can I share the experience to France but – but what? Really that’s it, just to share the last 13 years, with a liberal sprinkling of the the previous 50 years!

The “audience” is mainly the dear friends and family of Sheila and myself. If a occasionally a new “friend” or contact jumps on board all the better.

I am not that conceited to think what I write will enthral everyone – or am I?

Meeting and chatting to new people is always, well almost always, a pleasure.

So friends and family if you have memories, especially of our times together, you would like to share feel free.

oops I am rambling!

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